Our Mission Statement

CSIN provide Alternative Educational Provision, training and community led support through outreach programs, one to one mentoring or within designated locations to deliver opportunity and support for those who are unable to access mainstream education. This could be due to emotional, social and behaviour disorders, special educational needs and those at risk of offending through gang crime and drugs/alcohol issues. Opportunity and contribution are essential to change behaviour. We believe education is the cornerstone to allow people to grow and understand how behaviour shapes their world. Six Human Needs influence our deepest motivations and determine how we prioritize our decisions and actions throughout our life. Without these needs being met, the opportunity for gangs and antisocial behaviour involvement with the criminal justice system to step in and offer alternatives, flourishes.

We believe that everyone has the potential to develop, to change their lives, to be responsible and accountable for their actions and be capable of meeting the demands made of them to deliver a life outside of their disability or disadvantage. We also work with socially excluded people within the community to overcome inequality and disadvantage, arising because of the circumstances an individual is born into, or because of his or her own particular circumstances. These are individuals and groups who have no recognition, voice, or stake in the society in which they live. They have faced barriers to education employment and inclusion because of one or more of the following reasons. Unemployment, financial hardship, youth or old age, ill health (physical or mental) substance abuse or dependency, including alcohol and drugs, involvement with crime or offending. Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, creed, or sexuality, poor educational or skills attainment, relationship and family breakdown, and of course NEETs. This also includes armed forces veterans, who find themselves in the criminal justice system through homelessness and poor educational status.

We deliver Educational programs and skills both Vocational and Academic to people who have barriers to education related to their circumstances, which takes away opportunities. We support and encourage independent travel to sessions with engagement in journey planning and route planning. We teach money matters and life skills as well as independent living to help people understand budgeting and finance as well as how to avoid credit and debt. We use media to enable people to learn to express themselves using microphones mixing desks and the medium of radio. This helps them develop speaking and listening skills, team skills, and improve literacy and numeracy whilst building and developing self-confidence and belief.

A Socially Inclusive Network is defined as one where everybody can feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity. Social exclusion is the process of being shut out from the social, economic, political and cultural systems which contribute to the integration of a person into the community, Social inclusion, is a term that relates to the importance of the links between the individual members of our society and the role of each person as a member of this network.

Joe Barnwell
Csin founder
February 7th 2014

We Do Things Differently

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